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Green By Design

Maple Press has been at the forefront of the industry in regards to recycled paper options. We were the first U.S. printer to use chlorine-free, FSC®-certified paper in a book way back in 1999. Today we offer a complete selection of recycled paper options containing post-consumer waste content ranging from 10% through 100%, and almost all are are FSC-certified. We supplied over five million pounds of paper with recycled content over the last two years.

The case material suppliers we utilize all have strong environmental platforms. Aqueous coatings, biodegradable content, and sustainable sourcing are among the qualities of their materials. All board that we use in the manufacturing of hardcover books comes from 100% recycled materials.

By creating a Green by Design materials package, we have centralized material and component choices for customers seeking eco-conscious manufacturing. These materials are easy to select, use, and promote to help meet the consumer and organizational demand for more environmentally friendly products.