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Maple Press offers a combination of web and sheetfed presses for the printing of one-color and two-color book projects, supplemented by digital manufacturing for ultra-short runs.

[Sheetfed Press Viewing]Our press base provides the flexibility to economically manufacture run lengths in quantities ranging from 250 to over 200,000 copies. Maple Press is noted for our ability to print high quality halftones, making us an excellent choice for illustrated titles.

We offer both in-line and off-press sheeting as a complement to our sheetfed press base. These sheeting programs create the benefits of lower paper spoilage on sheetfed presses combined with the economies of purchasing roll stock. This provides the opportunity for a substantial reduction in paper costs on shorter run length projects.

[Two-color Web Press]
The combination of web and sheetfed presses provides our customers with the flexibility to choose the most economical press platform to meet the specific run length of a new book or reprint order.

Maple Press is proud to have developed and implemented the use of the THINKTech® printing process in our pressrooms. We are pleased with the benefits this technology brings to the environment, our customers and the Maple Press organization.

[Sheeter]In addition, we offer a variety of paper stocks as part of our Material Supply Program which are suitable for our web and sheetfed presses. For a list of recycled stocks, visit our Green by Design link.

As a supplement to our quality offset printing program, we now also provide complete digital printing and binding for ultra-short, quick turn titles. For more information on this alternative, please contact our Sales Offices.