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Our Electronic Prepress department supports a complete digital workflow and can process files directly to plate or to our digital print equipment.

Utilizing the highly advanced Agfa ApogeeX technology and the latest Adobe PDF print engine, Maple Press provides high speed solutions to support smooth processing of files. Our FTP site allows our customers to quickly and securely transfer files to our manufacturing facility. Files can be provided on CD or DVD as well.

[EPP Technician]All files undergo an extensive preflight process which includes virus checking, off-line file checking, digital imposition, and post-RIP preview prior to plating and printing. Our Adobe PDF workflow also provides soft proofing to help expedite the manufacturing process.  Maple Press also can provide printed digital proofs which are hard copy laser proofs of the files provided.

Illustration quality is maintained through the use of high resolution digital scanning technology. Our scanning technicians take into consideration paper selection and the press that will print each title. Digital halftone proofing services are provided for prompt and accurate review of scanned illustrations.

[Computer-to-Plate]Electronic files are imaged directly to plate for the most cost effective press platform for each title. Our systems provide the flexibility to move titles between digital, sheetfed and web presses throughout the life of a title to support cost effective book manufacturing.

Our experience and attention to detail allows Maple Press to support maximum consistency in delivering content to press while supporting the ability to make necessary adjustments to meet our customer requirements.