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Throughout its history, Maple Press has been committed to providing high levels of quality to our customers.

[Quality Check]This commitment is enhanced through the existence of a formal Quality Assurance program to support the extensive quality checks performed by our manufacturing and supervisory staff throughout the manufacturing process.

The Maple Press Quality Assurance department performs statistical sampling analysis on the books we manufacture from printing through the completion of binding, focusing on eleven specifically defined critical items. The quality expectations and standards are regularly increased to ensure that our overall quality levels are tied to a process of continual improvement.
[Quality Check]
Maple Press's company-wide commitment to Quality Assurance creates confidence that the books we manufacture will meet or exceed the expectations of the marketplace. As a result, our customers can focus on their core business and avoid the time and expense associated with quality complaints. For more information about Quality Assurance at Maple Press, please feel free to contact our Sales Offices.